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Tonic make up remover- 200ml

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Removes make up and cleans the skin gently, while preserving its natural glow. Perfect for sensitive skins.

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ORIGIN : Mediterranean Sea





Organic Blackcurrant hydrolats:

They have lifting and energizing effects on the skin. Blackcurrant, although it is rarely used, has incredible energizing qualities and fights circles under the eyes. Rich in fibers and Vitamin C as well as anti-oxidants, they are well assimilated by the body.

Organic lime tree hydrolat: Soothes and calms sensitive skins, it helps the face shine and lighten. Good for all kinds of skins.

Organic Sage hydrolat: Tonic and purgative, it holds exceptional  cosmetic virtues and is considered one of the  best tonic for both blood and muscles. Its effect is impressive on body parts where the skin is distended and lacks tone. Ideal to treat all types of skins and problems,  the sage hydrolat is an excellent regenerative and anti-age product. Purifying and balancing, it helps to regulate sebum secretion.

Organic Lavender hydrolat: Astringent, it refreshes, soothes and purifies all skin types and is perfect for fragile skins. It also heals and is a precious help to get rid of skin imperfections. Regenerative, hypo-tensor, it soothes red blotches, sunburns, itching and irritations and acts as an efficient antiseptic.



PCA Sodium : A salt from pyrrolidone carboxylic acid sodium, this acid is part of the natural moisture factor, which is itself part of the hydrolipidic film. It acts as a natural balancing factor  for the skin.


  • 99,6% of the total ingredients is of natural origin
  • 99.9% of the vegetal ingredients are  organic
  • 35.6% of the components come from organic farming

  • Capacity 200ml


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