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Lift tensor serum-30ml

33,00 € tax incl.

This incredible property serum offers an immediate plumping and lasting effect. Use it morning and night on a clean skin.

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ORIGIN : South America



Aloe VeraTepescohuiteRose

Organic aloe Vera: The Mayas called this plant “the rejuvenating fountain” and the “youth well” as it is rich in vitamin A and E as well as B which are great for the skin. We also emphasize a high concentration in polysaccharides which enable moisturizing for the skin. Furthermore, all the necessary mineral salts such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, chlorine, iron and zinc... can be found in aloe Vera. It therefore helps the skin regenerate and offers  exceptional skin moisturizing.

Tepezcohuite extract: This is a thorn tree found in the Chapias of the South East of Mexico. Also known as the skin tree, it can reach 8 meters high. In antique Mayan civilization, the healers used its bark powder for its healing virtues to treat wounds and skin problems without leaving scars. It has regenerative properties and repairs the skin in impressive ways. No other product is known to be as efficient.

Organic Rose oil : This cosmetically used oil is extracted from rose seeds which grow in the wilderness of America, especially in Chile and the Andes Mountains.

Very concentrated in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is also rich in linolenic and oleic acids.

These elements offer regenerative properties for the skin cells and enable incredible cells growth, which explains its cosmetic uses.



Organic sesalin : Natural and anti radicalary shield protecting the skin from outside attacks.
Organic Osilift : It's a flexible, stretchy molecule. Organic Osilift® is a purified fraction of ramified polyosis which comes from wheat fats of organic growth. This molecular network of complex sugars, attached  by intra and inter-channel hydrogen links, continuously penetrates the skin.


  • 99,4% of the total ingredients is of natural origin
  • 98.2% of the vegetal ingredients are organic
  • 43.4% of the components come from organic farming

  • Capacity 30ml


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