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Hydra 12 cream- 50ml

31,00 € tax incl.

Day and night cream of delicious texture, for young and non greast skins, it's recommended for normal skins. Slightly perfumed and light, it will reveal your beauty on a daily basis through morning and night applications on clean skin.

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ORIGIN : Mediterranean Sea




Organic Extra Virgin olive oil: Known since antiquity by the ancient Greeks and Romans (who used it in their cosmetic products) this rich anti-oxidant fights free radical damages on the skin. The body that needs oxygenation, generates these free radicals which increase with age. They are therefore the cause of the aging process. The olive oil is rich in precious anti-oxidants that can't be found in any other oil.

Organic Sage hydrolat: Tonic and purgative, it has exceptional cosmetic virtues and is considered among the  best tonic agent for both blood and muscles. Its effect is impressive on the body parts where the skin is distended and lacks tone.

Ideal to treat all types of skins, the sage hydrolin is an excellent regenerative and anti-age product. Purifying and balancing, it helps regulate sebum secretion.

Grapefruit: Stimulating and toning for the skin, it acts as a natural anti-oxidant.

It is said to also have antiseptic properties which prevent infection. Grapefruit is particularly rich in vitamins as it brings valuable amounts of vitamin A and copper.



Organic Rayolys bio®: Natural complex mixing the anti age action of the peach tree leaf with the whitening action of the raspberry and the apple for a true « glowing » complexion.

PCA  zinc: The salt resulting from the mix of zinc and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid. It acts mainly as an enzym 5- alpha reductase inhibitor which stimulates the production of sebum through the sebaceous glands. Hence, zinc helps reduce the amount of sebum.


  • 99,4% of the total ingredients is of natural origin
  • 98.9% of the vegetal ingredients are organic
  • 32% of the components come from organic farming

  • Capacity 50ml


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