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Your range of organic cosmetics

for face care and body care

Come and discover the organic cosmetic universe of Adamence and our expert treatments for face and body. First, let us introduce ourselves and present our universe and the passion for well being that has driven us for so long.

After 20 years spent creating and developing a full range of internal and external hair care products of organic and natural origin, ITREC (Institut Technique de Recherches Cosmétiques)has decided to extend its expertise by creating an organic line of products for face and body.

This creation is first  the story of a passion which started when our biologists decided to visit the five continents in order to select the best original active components.

Back to their laboratory, they extracted the quintessence to create an exceptional range of organic cosmetics, entirely born from the endless regeneration capacity of the Earth.

After two years of study and search for perfection, fusion between nature and science, the first 10 products of a wide range to come came to life under the sign of innovation and excellency. A unique line was born.

We just had to name this line and the name Adamence, which means “diamond” in Greek, appeared as an evidence since all the Adamence products, just like the diamond, offer daily purity, excellency and beauty.


But Adamence is also :

  • "Airless" bottles, completely isolated from the exterior air and bacteria
  • A range without extra packaging, made in France so as to reduce the environmental impact (environmental impact refers to the qualitative, quantitave and functionnal changes -negative or positive- a project, a process of one or more organisms or products, have on the environment between its date of creation and the end of its life cycle.
  • Percentages of organic components 5 to 10 times superior to the legislation in force and to most existing organic cosmetics ranges.
  • The perfect alliance between nature and science.


Furthermore, the full range is silicone, PEG, synthetic coloring, paraben, phenoxyathanol, OGM sulfates and mineral oil free.


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