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Earth is unique, Adamence transcends it for you

Above all, Adamence is a passion story which started when the biologists of the Institut Technique de Recherches Cosmétiques decided to visit the five continents in order to select the best original active components.

Back to their laboratory, they extracted the quintessence to create an exceptional range of organic cosmetics, entirely born from the endless regeneration capacity of the Earth.

The name Adamence, “diamond” in Greek, appeared as an evidence since all the Adamence products, just like the diamond, offer daily purity, excellence and beauty.

But Adamence is also:

  • “Airless” bottles, completely isolated from the exterior environment air and bacteria.
  • A range without extra packaging, made in France so as to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Percentages of organic components superior to the legislation in force and to most existing organic cosmetics ranges.

Welcome to the Adamence Organic Cosmetics universe…


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