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Organic BODY CARE Range

body care

Adamence organic  body care products offer daily treatments specialized for well-being. This hypo allergic organic  cosmetic range was born from the unique mix of science and nature, which has been specifically tested to meet specific requirements for fragile and sensitive skins, whether young or mature.




Thanks to their hypo allergic composition, our dry organic oil and our organic softness milk are nourishing and moisturizing products, made specifically for dry and delicate skin types, that act as genuine protective balms for sensitive skins.

The organic exfoliating body cream cleanses, gently purifies and moisturizes the skin while leaving it smooth and clean.

The organic  slimming gel acts daily, fighting the cellulite and the orange peel effect of the skin. A true firming treatment, it enables you to get a slimmer figure naturally.

The organic  light legs gel has a tonifying effect and fights heavy and sore legs.

No more tired legs, treat yourself with an organic  gel and learn to enjoy muscle relaxation again.
Silicone free Phenoxyethanol free
Glycol polyethylene (PEG) free GMO free
Colouring agent free Paraben free
Mineral Oil free


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