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Organic FACE CARE Range


face care





The Adamence organic face care range is the result of perfect fusion between nature and science. The whole range of this organic cosmetics is hypo allergenic and therefore perfectly adapted to sensitive skins, as well as to young or mature skins.



Our daily organic creams act as a true regenerating treatment for the face, for dry or damaged skins. They are true nourishing ointments and intensive moisturizers.

Our organic anti-aging care products and organic tensing lift serums fight wrinkles and give an exceptional lifting and shining effect.

The Anti-tiredness effect is immediate and long-lasting.

The organic tonic make up remover is specifically studied for sensitive skins. Its hypo allergic composition will gently clean and purify your skin day after day.

Silicone free Phenoxyethanol free
Glycol polyethylene (PEG) free GMO free
Colouring agent free Paraben free
Mineral Oil free


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