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Slimming gel- 150ml

22,50 € tax incl.

Used daily, this gel full of draining, purifying and toning effects will do wonders on all body parts you wish to tone and firm.

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Thé Vert/Green TeaMenthe/MintCentella Asiatica

Organic Green Tea extract: The green tea leaves, strongly appreciated in Japan, are harvested young, dried, rolled quickly but not brewed in order to keep their polyphenols (which are similar to those of grapes and have astringent properties.) Made of theophyline and theobromine, green tea is also rich in caffeine, theine and vitamin C. The natural extract of green tea has stimulating properties which tone, act as decongestant and fight tiredness. It also purifies and fortifies the skin thanks to vitamin B2 and helps with skin problems, by giving a young aspect and fighting oxidation.

Organic pepper mint hydrolat: The peppermint, known for centuries for its tonic and generally stimulating properties, is also traditionally used for its soothing  and anti-bacterial virtues. Its fresh and invigorating nature tones and cleans the skin while tightening the pores. It suits all types of skins.

Organic Asiatica Centella: It is an herbaceous plant of the Apiaceae family. Nicknamed “herb of the tiger”as wounded wild animals roll in it to relieve their injuries, it is used in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for its regenerative and toning virtues.



Ecoslym: A gentle caffeine as it surrounds lecithin in a targeted action without drying the skin, as most harsh synthetic caffeines do. Caffeine limits the storage of fats and helps with old body fat.

Not only are the adipocyts unable to stock up fat, but they also self destroy, without the skin drying out.

  • Capacity 150ml


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